1. brin1545:

    Summary of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

  2. show-off-your-pokemonpride:

    That poor squirtle </3 

    My younger brother would find this heartbreaking…

  3. castielcastle:

    come over for a cuppa?


    opps spilled some


    Sounds about right

    (via doctorwho)

  4. hilariousgifslol:

    It all makes sense..

    More Hilarious Gifs

    This is hilarious!

  5. The Tenth Doctor romantically linked to Lydia Rodarte-Quayle from Breaking Bad….!! That beats my fanfiction…

  6. doctorwho:

    It was only four years ago today that “The Eleventh Hour”, Matt Smith’s first full episode as the Eleventh Doctor, debuted on TV. Happy four year anniversary to the introduction of the Eleventh Doctor! 

    Four years ago, Matt Smith first came to our screens as the Doctor. I’ll admit, I was a bit too much of a Tennant fanboy to fully accept him as the Doctor, but by the end of Smith’s “reign”, I couldn’t help but warm up to him. Well done, Matt!

  7. Started watching Digimon again. Have to say: fair play to whoever wrote the plot. Aside from the obvious hiccups like the repetitive “digivolution” sequence and the translation from the original Japanese airing, they honestly made some interesting characters. (Apart from Yolei in Adventure 02, who was annoying as sin! Seriously, her deepest desire was eating all the cakes she wanted? Is that REALLY the level of depth they wanted for that character?) But I digress…

    The English movie was hastily thrown together too. They could have just dubbed all three separate films rather than mashing them all together and just pick out whatever feeble narrative they could make out from the remains! I was oblivious to it as a child, but after about 10 years of getting older, you notice these things.

    But hell, there will always be something from our childhood we enjoyed that we can find fault with in adulthood. I’m sure even pre-teen girls will realise (if not already) how annoying their idols like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber are.

    This has been another randomly reflective monologue by me.

  9. Made this shortly after Capaldi was announced…..