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  2. Give it time…

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    ios8 defs made Siri 100000x more useful

    Improvements? Yeah, right.

  4. Err, phrasing?

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    You ever feel like this while scrolling through the newsfeed? I know I do, and it’s okay to admit it.

  6. I love Capaldi’s pessimism as the Doctor…

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    Excuse me, WHAT IS THIS.


  9. The Promised Land

    Here we go again. As we’re making our way through the current series of Doctor Who, we’re being given hints in each episode of what is presumably the big story arc at the end of the series, going by the format: THE PROMISED LAND.

    From what we’ve seen already, we know that the character Missy plays a part in the climax, claiming be the Doctor’s boyfriend, which some have speculated to mean that she is River Song regenerated or Tasha Lem, or more realistically, something new.

    Personally, I just hope that it is given more closure than Moffat’s other series. He has given himself a reputation for penning cop-out endings, and I’ve seen enough. If this arc takes three series to be FULLY EXPLAINED, then I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hack it anymore. Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor shows a lot of promise, and I don’t what to see his talent wasted on sloppy stories pulled out of the arse of Steven Moffat.

    Of course, with most TV show conclusions, not everyone is going to be satisfied, and we still have at least two months until we see the end of the series, so we’re just gonna have to wait in the meantime.